Welcome to the Volume 2 of Season 1 of Horror Haven Film Expo -- an immersive virtual event with an end of year live event.

Our mission is simple: to honor filmmakers and their unique visions, driven by an unwavering passion for all things horror. As we embark on this cinematic journey, our dedicated team is committed to creating a platform that not only celebrates creativity but also offers filmmakers immediate access to well-deserved recognition.

A New Approach to Horror Recognition

The Horror Haven, now a quarterly expo, has redefined its approach to provide filmmakers with more accessible laurels and awards. This strategic shift not only lowers submission costs but also ensures prompt acknowledgment, fostering a dynamic and responsive environment.

Diverse Categories for Outstanding Filmmaking
Each quarter, we meticulously select outstanding entries across four categories:

Quicker Access with the Online Festival
Starting in early 2024, the festival transforms into a quarterly online event, offering filmmakers quicker access to laurels and awards. This strategic adaptation not only lowers submission costs but also guarantees timely recognition, cultivating a dynamic and responsive platform.

In-Person Festival Extravaganza
That's not all! Once a year, we host an energetic, full-day, in-person event dedicated to showcasing the winning short films from throughout the year. If your film is a quarterly winner from that year, it automatically secures a slot for screening to our audience of up to 300 people. The top three feature films, chosen by our esteemed panel of six judges, will also receive special recognition.

Embrace the horror and be part of the excitement at the Horror Haven Film Expo!