Submissions Are OPEN

Ready to submit your film to the 2024 Horror Haven Film Expo? Click the link below to start the submission process..

There is no need to stop sharing our imagination. We want to help you get your vision out there. We hope to make it an even more interactive experience than just sitting in a seat at a theatre too. Because our festival specializes in Horror, all of the films submitted must have at least one elements in them.

We support shorts, features, special effects and film trailers.

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Opening Date: May 1, 2024
Earlybird: May 1, 2024 - May 31, 2024
Regular: June 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024
Regular: July 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024
Notification Date: August 23, 2024
Virtual Festival Date: September 5 - 15, 2024

Offering a diverse range of genres, check out this video to see how the audience will enjoy your Indie Film in an immersive cinematic experience on the trusted Filmocracy platform.

Experience the ultimate cinematic thrill at Horror Haven Film Expo, brought to you by Filmocracy! Discover our unique festival village, with original content, lively panels, and director Q&As. Plus, network with other film enthusiasts in live chat rooms. See this video to see how your indie film will impress in an immersive online theater, supported by a trustworthy platform. It’s more than a festival; it’s a red-carpet journey for every film lover.

Get ready to step into the spine-tingling world of the Horror Haven Film Expo, where victors don’t just bask in the glory of their creepy creations but also unlock amazing doors for their films!

Through our incredible collaboration with BayView Entertainment, emerging victorious here equates to snagging an exclusive first look deal - your very own golden key to catapulting your film into the spotlight and paving the way for its success and prosperity.

Winners will also snag exclusive spots to showcase their films on The MTS Network and Filmocracy - the go-to places for unique and captivating indie movies. And if you think that’s all, hold onto your hats because there's a chance to light up the screens on Hoopla too! If they give the thumbs up, your film could dazzle over a million library card holders. Imagine the buzz, the talks, the fanfare! This isn’t just a win; it’s your gateway to an audience you’ve only dreamed of. Get ready for a ride of excitement and opportunity at Horror Haven!

Quarterly and annual winners will receive distinguished physical trophies, and all winning films, along with selected entries, will be adorned with digital laurels and certificates.

As the highest honor during our annual in-person event, winning films of each catergory will get a sought-after First Look Deal with BayView Entertainment. This exclusive first look deal will provide an unparalleled opportunity for exposure and widespread distribution.

Horror Haven Film Expo appreciates your distribution decisions and grants you complete autonomy over your film. You can opt to leave out the distribution section of our expo and preserve your film’s status, review or chances. Your film, your choice. We’re here to support you and celebrate you – with or without distribution through our channels.

Our commitment goes beyond mere screening. We provide invaluable live networking opportunities and workshops provided by Filmmakers Academy, designed to enhance your filmmaking journey.

We've teamed up with Filmocracy’s top-notch theaters in LA to offer our winners an exclusive opportunity: A 7-day Oscar Qualifying Screening in the movie capital of Los Angeles, CA. Prepare your film for a higher level of recognition.

Transparent Pricing: While we provide the spotlight, the screening expense for this Oscars quest is on the filmmakers. Here is the breakdown:

Short Films: Under 15 mins: $550 15 – 30 mins: $750 Over 30 mins: $950
Feature Films: Priced around $7000, these films enjoy customized scheduling, ensuring pure, undivided attention.